We are excited to announce that we have recently launched a new service especially for commercial clients. Farleys Interactive is a new online legal document drafting service available to both new and existing commercial clients – providing a quick and cost effective alternative to the traditional process of obtaining legal business documents.

The process couldn’t be simpler.  Visit www.farleys-interactive.com to browse and view samples before selecting the appropriate document for your needs.  You are then taken through a simple step by step process to enter the information required to complete the documents in draft.  The document is then submitted to a specialist solicitor at Farleys for review. Once the solicitor is happy with the document, it is sent back to you for immediate use.

Farleys Interactive has been designed with our clients in mind. We know that there can be occasions when undertaking everyday business tasks that you need very quick access to legal documents, and the process of contacting your solicitor, providing instructions and then  waiting a couple of days for your documents to be sent to you, can seem like an unnecessary delay.  Farleys Interactive allows you to complete the first stage of drafting standard form business documents yourself; giving you the flexibility you have perhaps often wished for.

We have also provided some more complex legal documents for online completion, including partnership agreements and shareholders’ agreements. We recognise that although legal input is often desired to draw up these agreements, the price of involving a solicitor can be off-putting. As part of the process for completing the documents via Farleys Interactive is undertaken by you, the prices for these documents are reflectively affordable.

By their nature, the documents within Farleys Interactive are for use in less complicated transactions where ‘tailored solutions’ are not required. For more complex transactions where bespoke documents are needed, our experts remain available to help in the normal way.

For the full range of documents available, visit www.farleys-interactive.com or for more information, feel free to give me a call.

 Ian Liddle
Commercial Partner