Following the unfortunate and untimely death of Mr Myron Hall as a result of a shocking example of clinical negligence on the part of the former North Glamorgan and former Pontypridd & Rhondda NHS Trusts (now the Cwm Taf NHS Trust), the Welsh Ombudsman has upheld a complaint filed by the parents of Mr Hall, and requested that the NHS Trust “apologise in person to Mr and Mrs Tilley”.

According to family representative and Farleys solicitor assigned to the case, Astrid Coates, “Failures by the trust led to the death of Mr Hall and his family want to know that this will not happen to someone else’s son.”

Despite the Ombudsman’s recommendation, the NHS Trust have refused to apologise in person, saying that they will instead provide a written apology to Mr and Mrs Tilley, a response which Mr Tyndall, the Welsh Ombudsman has called, “unreasonable” and “churlish”.

Mr Hall was initially admitted to hospital following the discovery of a suspicious lump on his neck, which was later diagnosed as a malignant tumour. During a subsequent operation to remove half his tongue, an attempt to prevent further spread of the cancer, a tracheostomy tube was inserted into Mr Hall’s windpipe to help him breathe.

Surgeons stopped the operation halfway through when it became apparent that the cancer had spread too far, however during recovery Mr H began to bleed profusely from a wound caused by a replacement tracheostomy tube. It became apparent that the tube had been inserted in the wrong place, and despite the wound being stitched up, four days later Mr Hall suffered “catastrophic bleed” and, after extended attempts at resuscitation, died.

Astrid Coates goes on to state, “The refusal by the Trust not to accept this recommendation is cowardly and beggars belief.  We will be calling upon the Coroner to ascertain exactly what action has been taken by the Trust to prevent similar fatalities. To withhold this information when it may assist Mr and Mrs Tilley in dealing with their grief is inexplicable.”

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