Main photoHead of Personal Insolvency, Mark Skinner, has played an instrumental part in leading a campaign to raise debt awareness among the Lancashire Police force.

Selected by Ian Thompson (training officer at Lancashire Police Federation) and Rachel Baines, Mark was chosen as a key speaker for a series of ‘wellbeing’ seminars aimed at officers in the region. Amongst other topics covered in the series of events, such as physical health, planning for retirement and managing stress, Mark’s sessions focussed on acknowledging debt problems and regaining control of finances. Throughout the series of events, Mark educated over 800 officers throughout the force on personal insolvency matters at the Lancashire Constabulary Headquarters Hutton, Preston.

Statistically those employed within the Police are at a greater risk of falling into debt than those in other professions. This year’s campaign was specifically targeted at supporting officers struggling with financial difficulties. The seminar explained various money management tactics encouraging officers to adopt a proactive approach with their finances, minimising the risk of debt. It also took an in depth look at debt options, such as bankruptcy and Individual Voluntary Arrangements.

Mark Skinner commented on the programme: “The key thing with campaigns such as these is to reassure people experiencing financial difficulties that they’re not alone. Many often assume that they are beyond help, which is never the case. Regardless of your circumstances it’s vital people realise there is support out there – no individual is ever a lost cause.

“Debt carries with it a weight of other emotional and psychological issues which can often leave individuals feeling isolated. Reaching out to the various support that is available – be that family, a debt advice help line, or a solicitor – is the first step to successfully regaining control of your finances.”

Farleys Solicitors have enjoyed a long relationship with both Lancashire Police and Greater Manchester Police, providing federation members with advice since 2007. This includes support for officers throughout the year, available at regular surgeries on site at Federation HQ.

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