At this time of year, when over indulgence in food and alcohol is commonplace, many of us will look to start the New Year with a healthier approach by signing up to join our local gym.

Whilst exercise can be a fantastic way of keeping fit and healthy, many people do not think about the hidden dangers that the use of gym equipment can carry. Even if you have been a member of gym for some time and regularly undertake exercise, accidents in gyms can and do happen, sometimes resulting in serious injuries to the sufferer.

Accidents in gyms can be the result of faulty equipment, or poorly maintained areas on the gym floor or in the changing rooms. If you are new to the gym and are not given an induction or shown how to use the equipment, accidents and resulting injuries can also occur.

Gyms and leisure centres have certain obligations to ensure the safety of their members. These include, amongst many others, the maintenance of equipment and exercise machines on the gym floor, the use of safety signage where hazards exist and adequate supervision from trained staff in swimming pool areas.

If you suffer an injury that isn’t your fault whilst at a gym, and especially if you feel that the correct precautions or safeguards were not in place at the time, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. If this is the case, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of personal injury solicitors who will be able to assist you with making a gym accident claim, often at no cost to you.

So whilst I would always encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle and undertake regular exercise, my advice is to watch out for hidden dangers and raise any concerns you might have for the safety of yourself or others with the gym management.