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Personal Injury Farleys Solicitors LLP

Neuropathic Claims

Whilst it can seem possible to struggle on and live a life full of pain, if this has been caused by someone else then you could be entitled to compensation in order to make things a little easier.  When it comes to neuropathic claims it is recognised that while financial compensation won’t eradicate the problem, it can make life just that bit better – helping you afford devices and home modifications to ease the difficulty.

Neuropathic claims can be made under a range of circumstances, but generally speaking it is when pain is long term and life affecting. There are a range of accidents that can affect nerves and result in chronic issues, however if any of the scenarios were because of someone else then this could be when you are entitled to compensation.

Claiming Financial Compensation

Neuropathic claims work in a range of ways, depending on what the problems are. We know that nerve damage and problems like this can result in a range of symptoms each of which affect people in different ways. For example you could find that limbs get heavy, numb, full of pins and needles or unable to lift them up. Gripping items can be also be difficult. It is easy to see that these ailments can easily affect day to day life.

Financial Compensation

If you are ever the victim of an accident that was not your fault then you could be entitled to a financial pay-out. Everyone is entitled to go about their day to day business without worrying about the negligence of someone else resulting in an accident. Get in touch with Farleys now if you would like help and advice on the best way to go about making a claim for compensation.

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