In the UK, motorcyclists make up just 1% of total motor vehicle traffic yet strikingly account for 20% of all road deaths.

The Department of Transport’s estimates for the year ending June 2022 showed there were 346 motorcyclist fatalities and 17,171 motorcyclist casualties on Great Britain’s roads.

Changes to the law on personal injury

Changes to the Highway Code in 2022 means that motorcyclists are now categorised as one of the most vulnerable road users, alongside pedestrians, pedal cyclists and horse riders.

Changes were also made to the personal injury sector in May 2021 which affected road traffic accidents where a person had suffered ‘whiplash’ (soft tissue, sprain, strain, tear, rupture or lesser damages of a muscle, tendon or ligament to your neck, back or shoulders).  These changes in the law meant that occupants of a motor vehicle, whether that be a driver or passenger, are subject to a whiplash tariff, meaning they will receive a lower specified amount compared to pre-May 2021.

What do these changes mean for motorcyclists?

These changes to the law do not apply to motorcyclists.  As they are one of the most vulnerable road users, the government has not applied the whiplash tariff to them or pedestrians, pedal cyclists and horse riders.

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