Sadly, this is not the first time we have touched on this topic and it is unlikely to be the last.  The crisis faced by the maternity wards in England and Wales regularly makes the headlines.

A recent article recorded that birth injury claims have risen by 37% in three years, reaching a record 1,400. Additionally, 4,870 infants died during or shortly after labour in 2021, a rise from the previous year. These are such heartbreaking statistics resulting in tragic situations for families and something the medical negligence solicitors here at Farleys are all too familiar with. It’s so sad that something that should be such a happy and joyous occasion can turn into a catastrophe and, in so many cases, catastrophes that families later learn could have been avoided.

Professor James Walker, at a meeting at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, observed that the deaths and birth blunders would continue and that ‘This is an ongoing crisis which is getting more highly focussed. We have had inquiry after inquiry all bringing up the same problems relating to failures of care of women in labour. Yet we are seeing these problems happening all over the country.’

This is a depressing quote given that this matter is reviewed over and over again. He recognised the gaps in what the Care Quality Commission coined ‘dangerously substandard care in Britian’ and noted that the failures were in ‘not doing basic care with services working in silos, lack of staff and staff training. It’s no good just to increase staff or give more money. We need a national policy for implementing improvement to ensure recommendations are funded, implemented and changes actually happen.’

The same report noted that over 40% of the budget reserved for compensating victims of negligence is awarded to patients concerned in maternity scandals.

At Farleys, we have acted on behalf of clients for a variety of maternity medical negligence claims. The very sensitive nature of these claims requires a solicitor dedicated to delivering an efficient legal service with care and compassion. As the complex cases often take years to settle it’s important that you can trust and build that relationship with the solicitor.

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