The national news has been dominated in recent weeks by historic sexual abuse allegations involving various schools, hospitals and other establishments along with a number of high profile individuals. The Jimmy Savile press coverage has had a phenomenal snowball effect on the number of people coming forward in relation to historic abuse claims. A couple of weeks ago St Ambrose RC College in Hale Barns hit the headlines following allegations of sexual abuse in the 1960s – 1980s. This morning we have learnt of a police investigation involving Fred Talbot, TV weatherman and former biology teacher.

Talbot, now 63, worked as a biology teacher at Altrincham Grammar School in the 1970s. Police have revealed details of three separate complaints in relation to sexual abuse at the all boys’ school during this period. Initial reports suggest that the abuse involving pupils and a teacher of the school did not take place on the school grounds. Talbot is currently away from his Bowdon home but it is understood that police raided it recently as part of their investigation.

Talbot is the current weatherman on ITV’s North West programme Granada Reports and is widely known for his large floating map at Albert Dock in Liverpool. According to his twitter account he is currently away on a cruise. Police have stated that a number of arrest warrants were issued earlier this month but clarified that no arrests have yet been made.

Police have stated that the investigation was prompted after the sexual abuse probe at St Ambrose College made the headlines earlier this month. This involved a former teacher at the Catholic school, now 63, being arrested on suspicion of indecent assault of an ex-pupil. The teacher was also reported to be in possession of indecent images dating back to the early 1980’s.

It is widely recognised that sexual abuse causes profound psychological effects. One such effect is for victims to lock the details of the abuse into the back of their mind; only to be ‘unlocked’ when triggered by something such as a media report, or a series of flashbacks. It is of course only after this occurs that the victim comes forward to take criminal or civil action many years after the abuse actually took place.

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