This week saw the House of Commons block a bid for all hairdressers to be required by law to register with a professional body. The Hairdressers Registration (Amendment) Bill was defeated in a vote by a majority of four, with MP’s against the Bill arguing that registration would not stop hairdressing accidents occurring.

It may be the case that the proposed legislation would not put an end to hairstyling injuries / accidents occurring altogether, however, requiring hairdressers to register would help prevent unqualified people using hazardous chemicals on clients and posing a danger to the public. The use of harmful chemicals can cause serious injury or even death and the absence of regulation allows this to happen.

Out of an estimated 250,000 hairdressers in Britain, only 6,000 are registered with the British Hairdressing Council (BHC); a statutory body set up by the Hairdressers Registration Act 1964. The important point to note is that currently registration is voluntary. In order to register, hairdressers must either have a City & Guilds or an NVQ Level 2 qualification.

The BHC is behind the Bill as they receive many thousands of calls from consumers enquiring as to their rights after experiencing problems with their hair treatment. Without regulation, rogue salons will continue to exist and cause injury to the public through professional incompetence.

If you have suffered a injury as a result of poor practice at a hair salon, it may be possible to pursue a claim for compensation. For a confidential discussion or to find out if you have a hairdressing injury claim, please do not hesitate to contact us.