The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (“CICA”) was established by the UK government to compensate British people who have been the victims of violent crimes.

Applications to the CICA are governed by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (the “Scheme”). The Scheme is updated periodically and the latest version came into force in 2012. The Scheme details the value of compensation based on a tariff system, depending on the injury or injuries suffered. If you are not offered compensation or you are unsatisfied with the offer of compensation made by the CICA, you can follow the appeals process.

Under the Scheme, a person is only entitled to compensation if the crime occurred within Great Britain or other “Relevant Place”.

Crimes which occur abroad are not covered by the Scheme and victims of the same will not be entitled to an offer of compensation by the CICA.

However, if you have been the victim of a violent crime in another member state of the European Union on or after 1 July 2005, you may be eligible for compensation under a corresponding scheme in that member state, pursuant to the European Council Directive 2004/80/EC (“the Directive”).  The Directive was implemented into UK law in The Victims of Violent Intentional Crime (Arrangements for Compensation) (European Communities) Regulations 2005.

The directive states that every member state of the European Union must appoint a domestic body to support victims in applying for compensation under the scheme of another member state. Therefore, the CICA must assist individuals who would like to apply for compensation for a crime committed whilst they were living, working or on holiday in an EU member state. The CICA will provide the relevant application form to you and forward it to the relevant body in the corresponding member state.

For example, if you are an ordinary resident of the UK and you are physically or sexually assaulted whilst on holiday in Spain, the CICA must support you in applying to its Spanish equivalent to obtain compensation for your injuries.

If your application is successful, you will be compensated in accordance with the scheme of the member state in which you were injured, rather than the UK Scheme.

CICA claims are often difficult and lengthy. Some individuals find the process distressing as it brings back memories of the abuse or injury they suffered. At Farleys, we specialise in CICA claims, particularly where the victim has suffered a period of abuse.

If you are looking for confidential and sensitive advice on a CICA claim or making a claim following abuse, call our dedicated abuse line on 0330 134 6430 or send an enquiry online and we will get in touch with you.