Prime Minister, David Cameron has said that from October this year every new domestic policy will be examined for ‘its impact upon the family’.

The aim of the ‘Test’ is to put families at the centre of the government’s thinking.

Mr Cameron argued that parents and children are often overlooked when reforms take place and he wanted every department of the government to be held accountable for the impact their policies have on families.

He said, “We think really carefully to ensure that our benefits system, our tax system – our policies for education – for childcare – all of these things are helping families to do amazing work they do on our behalf.”

Labour was critical that the current government do not understand families’ needs saying that they have now more than ever had to rely on food banks, etc for support.

It is difficult not to be sceptical when David Cameron and his government are responsible for making cuts to family law legal aid, leaving parents with limited access to justice and legal advice for such problems.

The general elections are fast approaching.  One has to wonder if this is a ploy to encourage those families who have lost confidence in the PM because of cuts to benefits and legal aid to vote again.

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