Ray Teret, the former Chauffeur of Jimmy Savile, was arrested last night at his Altrincham home. The arrest relates to historic allegations of rape which are not linked to the Savile inquiry. Teret is now 71 and was arrested along with his 61 year old lodger Alan Ledger. The men have now been released on bail until 29th November.

Teret lived at a flat in Salford with Savile in the 1960’s and also worked as his support DJ. Three separate sexual abuse allegations have now been made against Teret. The police have made it clear that these arrests are not linked to the Savile case but the allegations serve to further emphasise the snowball effect that the Savile investigations are having as more and more people are coming forward about historic sexual abuse.

Police have praised the “tremendous courage’ of the victims in coming forward and stated that they were indeed prompted to do so following the recent shaming of Jimmy Savile. The police were seen removing boxes and bags from Teret’s North West home late last night. Some of the bags could be seen to contain cassette tapes. Teret had gone on to become a DJ for Radio Caroline at which point he and Savile parted ways.

It has now come to light through police information that Savile may have abused up to 300 people over a period of approximately 4 decades. Here at Farleys we are receiving an increasing number of enquiries from individuals wanting to make claims for historic sexual abuse. We understand how difficult it is to talk about these issues and that it may not have been possible to come forward until now. Do not hesitate to contact us today to speak to a specialist solicitor who will advise you on the grounds for making a historic sexual abuse claim.