Farleys solicitors have been instructed to act on behalf of victims of John Michael Creagh who was yesterday sentenced to four years in jail for historical sex abuse crimes particularly relating to the 37th Ormskirk St Anne’s Scout Group in the 1970’s.

John Creagh sexually abused three Scouts who came forward and assisted the Police in their prosecution.

The Judge in the case, Judge Wright described the Scout Masters actions as a gross breach of trust. He commented: “for your own selfish sexual desires you have cast a blight over the lives of some of those boys”

This type of abuse can have a profound effect upon its victims. The prosecutor in the case described one victim as follows: “although some forty years ago the victim said there has hardly been a day when hasn’t thought about the times when this defendant did this to him”

It is unfortunately the case that sexual abuse during childhood often has a lifetime impact on the victims.

Interestingly in this case the defendant had previously admitted similar offences whilst a deputy house master at Douai Abbey School in Reading. He had been ordained as a priest before becoming deputy house master at the school and targeting a twelve year old boy in similar circumstances to the victims of the Ormskirk Scout Group.

Speaking after the case DC Catherine Thomas from Lancashire Police said that Creagh had subjected the boys to “appalling sexual abuse”.

As solicitors specialising in claims on behalf of sexual abuse victims we will now endeavour to recover appropriate compensation for the victims of Mr Creagh.

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