Local fundraisers Ribble Valley and White Rose Ladies received an unexpected boost to their charitable efforts last week as an Accrington resident left a £20,000 legacy to their cause. Mrs Emily Andrews, a client of Farleys Solicitors in Accrington, recently died at the age of 98, leaving the generous sum to the fundraisers; who dedicate their spare time to raising money for research into childhood cancer.

Mrs Andrews, who lost her son at the age of thirteen and was a keen follower of charities and researchers working to prevent the loss of children’s lives.  Emily was a spirited lady who wanted to help others. The work of Ribble Valley & White Rose Ladies fitted the bill.

Charitable donations are regularly requested during the drafting of a last will and testament. Where a particular cause or organisation has either touched or helped an individual during their lifetime, leaving a legacy donation to that charity in a will is often of great importance to the individual concerned.

As the recession continues to bite, however, we have seen an increase in the number of challenges to wills, particularly those which involve large sums of money being left to charitable organisations.

Official statistics from the High Court also show an increase in the number of disputed will cases over the recent years, suggesting spouses, children and family members who feel aggrieved by the contents of the will of a loved one are willing to fight all the way.

Challenging a will is not an easy process, those involved can quickly find themselves in amongst a stressful battle; especially as organisations such as charities are increasingly becoming familiar with fighting back.

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