Reynhard Sinaga, who has been labelled ‘the most prolific rapist in British judicial history’, was convicted of 136 counts of rape, 8 attempted rapes and 14 sexual assaults. He was convicted for drugging and raping 48 men in his flat on Princess Street in Manchester. However, police believe that he may have targeted over 200 men aged between 17-36 years old, making him the ‘world’s worst rapist.’

Sinaga, allegedly lured vulnerable, intoxicated men back to his apartment under false pretences, often by offering to help them find their friends that they had lost during ‘nights out’. He then laced the victims’ drinks with ‘date rape drugs’ such as GHB or GBL so that they became unconscious before sexually assaulting them and recording the attacks on his mobile phone.

Sinaga’s sadistic string of sexual assaults came to an abrupt ending when he was found on the bathroom floor of his apartment having sustained injuries. One of his victims managed to regain consciousness during the attack and bravely thought back in self-defence against Sinaga. The victim then called the emergency services, which lead to an investigation by Greater Manchester Police and the eventual conviction of Sinaga.

Officers from Greater Manchester Police located dozens of phones, driving licences, student ID cards, watches and wallets from Sinaga’s apartment. They all belonged to the victims of his attacks and he collected them like “trophies.” The prosecution had stated that there was evidence of him cataloguing his victims by saving their social media profile pictures. Evidence that was revealed during the trial demonstrated him boasting to his friends via Whatsapp about having sexual intercourse with heterosexual men. However, the reality was that he was boasting about the sexual attacks that he had carried out on the victims.

The police found hundreds of hours of footage that Sinaga had captured on his mobile phones of the attacks. This has assisted the police in identifying and contacting the victims. Allegedly, out of all 48 victims in whose cases secured conviction, only one knew of the attack. The other 47 were informed by the police.

A number of the victims have spoken of the psychological trauma that they have suffered due to the heinous acts of Sinaga. Some now suffer with severe depression and anxiety, with one of the victims even allegedly attempting to commit suicide on Christmas Day, stating that the attack is “the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night.”

Farleys are currently acting for victims of Sinaga in pursing claims via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. Victims of violent crimes, such as those committed by Sinaga, are able to apply for compensation under the Criminal Injuries Compensation scheme. Such compensation can often bring closure to victims and provide the means to fund, for example, much needed medical treatment and therapy.

If you would like to discuss pursuing a claim with us, please contact a member of Farleys’ specialist team on 0330 134 6430 or contact the team by email.

Please contact St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre if you wish to seek support. The centre can be reached 24 hours a day on 0161 276 6515.

Greater Manchester Police have also urged for people who believe that they may have been a victim of Sinaga to come forward. Information can be provided to the police by calling 101 or via the ‘Major Incident Public Portal.’