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Contracts of Employment, Policies & Procedures

Contracts of Employment, Policies & Procedures

A contract of employment is often the only legally binding documentation that exists between an employer and employee.

Although employment contracts are not required under employment law when an employee commences work, (a written statement, outlining the main responsibilities of the job role is required within the first two months of employment), a well drafted, comprehensive employment contract can be invaluable in protecting your business from an employee making a claim against you or other situations involving your employees that could be harmful to your business.

Clear Contracts of Employment That Protect Your Business

If any commercial contract, including a contract of employment is unclear or open to interpretation, there is a possibility that a claim could be brought against a business.

Because we are in the business of looking after your business, employment contracts drafted by our employment law team are thorough and take into account any action or future action of employees that business owners might not have even considered.

For example, a well drafted employment contract should take into consideration restrictive covenants – often including non-competition, non-solicitation and confidentiality. Without these restrictions, an employer can leave themselves open to abuse from employees or former employees. We offer expert legal advice in all matters relating to contracts of employment, policies and procedures including:

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