Today I am in London for conferences with Justin Levinson, a leading Barrister specialising in sex abuse claims.

The two cases we are dealing with show a growing trend of defendants eager to settle these cases at an early stage.

The cases are both remarkably similar in nature; they are both claims against Social Services for failing to protect children in the 1980’s.  In one case, a girl was abused by her stepfather.  In the other, the claimant was abused by a family friend.  In both cases Social Services should have known about the risk but failed to protect these girls.

The other interesting similarity is that in both cases the insurers to the relevant local councils have put forward sizeable five figure offers very early on in the claims process; before we have even obtained medical reports.

The message for victims of abuse is that there seems to be a growing willingness on the part of defendants to settle abuse claims at an early stage; therefore avoiding the significant costs that can be incurred in pursuing a claim of this nature.

If you have suffered abuse now is the time to get in touch with one of our specialist team dealing in this area.

By Jonathan Bridge, Abuse Claim Lawyer