We’re all familiar with the phrases “cold feet” and “pre wedding jitters”. The run up to the big day is often a stressful period and with all of the time and effort that has been put into the big day, it’s completely natural to feel flutters of anticipation or nerves. However there is a significant difference between pre wedding nerves and doubt, leaving individuals questioning whether they want to get married at all.

A recent survey of 1600 divorcees revealed that 45 percent of individuals expressed doubts about the relationship before walking down the isle. A further 68 percent admitted they considered leaving their partner at the altar; concerned their relationship had no future. The research collated would appear to suggest that individuals feel trapped by the promise of marriage, viewing engagement as a promise that cannot simply be broken off due to fears or worries, no matter how well founded these may be. What is perhaps most shocking is that 48 percent admitted they saw a ‘quickie divorce’ as an easy solution to ending their marriage in the event the relationship broke down.

The survey showed that many individuals felt unable to cancel their ceremony either due to external pressures or financial constraints. Regardless of pressures, individuals who are feeling worried regarding their impending nuptials are encouraged to pause and carefully assess whether marriage is something they truly want. Expressing how you are feeling with a loved one or a partner can help work through what is troubling you, allowing you to express your concerns.

90 percent of respondents admitted that neither they nor their partner discussed what would happen in the event their marriage ended. Although marriage is a wonderful celebration of the love between two people, it is important to remember that the act of getting married carries with it a number of legal consequences. Individuals are encouraged to make the necessary arrangements to ensure their assets are sufficiently protected, as marriage can leave you vulnerable to future financial claims from your spouse.

In any event the end of a marriage can be a highly distressing time for both parties involved, further complicated by uncertainties regarding what will happen to their assets. Entering into a pre-nuptial agreement or separation agreement can aid in the division of assets following the breakdown of a relationship, taking away undue stress and worries.

Individuals are encouraged to listen to their instincts, marriage is not something that is to be entered into lightly and if serious doubts still persist, it could be worth considering postponing arrangements. In the long term it is better to exercise caution taking the time needed to ensure marriage is what truly what you and your partner want.

Divorce is highly complex, and can have a devastating impact, both emotionally and financially. There is no quick fix divorce despite what people believe, with the average UK divorce taking four to five months to complete. Seeking expert legal advice in any event is crucial in securing your financial assets, providing individuals with a safety net if the worse case scenario were to happen.

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