We have all read in the media about divorcing couples spending ‘eye-watering’ amounts on lawyers in their quest to resolve their financial arrangements. Litigation is expensive and all too often has an emotional price attached as estranged spouses attempt to ‘win’ at all costs. It is a sad fact of life that couples who once loved each other enough to marry and perhaps have children now want to spend more money on lawyers bills than they spent on their wedding breakfast.

Separating couples should take early advice from a specialist Family Lawyer who should be able to explain the various options available to reach an amicable solution with their estranged spouse. Each case is different and the Lawyer should be aware of the alternative dispute resolutions that are available. In the most complex of financial arrangements it is relatively straightforward to divide assets fairly to both parties, it does not have to be a battle. A willingness to negotiate is key to saving costs on expensive litigation. Negotiations with the assistance of legal advice from an experienced Family Lawyer – whether through mediation, collaborative law or informal meetings – are less stressful than litigation, can produce an outcome both parties can be happy with and are generally much speedier than the court process, and save costs to both parties.

Chose a Family Lawyer who is willing to negotiate and has extensive knowledge of the law relating to financial claims. Don’t be afraid to ask your Lawyer about their previous experience. You want to know you are in safe hands. Many clients will instruct a Lawyer on the recommendation of a friend, and at Farleys much of our new clients visit us on the recommendation of a friend. All the Family Law Team at Farleys have vast experience in their specialist field. Each member of the team will always aim to assist their client to reach an amicable solution to their divorce and financial settlement. Most of the cases handled by the Team members settle without litigation, testament to their experience and negotiating skills on behalf of their clients.

For more information on Divorce, or any other family law issue that you and your family may be facing, please contact a member of our dedicated family law team on 0845 287 0939. Alternatively you can complete an online enquiry form and a member of the team will get back to you.