Rolls-Royce has confirmed that further cuts are to be made; announcing that approximately 80 more redundancies will be implemented at its Barnoldswick head quarters. Understandably this has caused grave concern among those employed at Rolls-Royce with the total number of redundancies announced by the firm in the last 18 months amounting to more than 265.

The Barnoldswick redundancies are part of 2,600 reductions across the entirety of the company including all European and US bases which are expected to bear the majority of the cuts. It is hoped that Rolls-Royce will be able to mitigate as many of these redundancies as possible, although this is a some what optimistic out look as compulsory redundancies will have to be made due to a decrease in work.

Inevitably those employed at the Lancashire headquarters will be contending with a great deal of stress and worry as their future at the company lies uncertain. It is essential employees adopt a proactive approach and contact an experienced solicitor in order to ascertain their legal position and assess the options available to them. Consideration of and advice can also be given in relation to enhanced redundancy, negotiations and settlement agreements. This will allow employees faced with the treat of redundancy to negotiate the optimum settlement agreement where an exit from employment is imminent.

The law governing redundancy is extremely complex and constantly evolving. It is vital employees are aware of their legal position, rights and including monetary entitlements such as notice pay and statutory redundancy. It you are uncertain what these are then consulting a solicitor who specialises in Employment & HR advice is paramount in ensuring you are treated fairly, have tactical advantage and receive the correct financial settlement.

Employees should also ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of Rolls-Royces policies and procedures regarding redundancies. By law employers must follow a stringent set of guidelines from employee consultations to delivering a period of notice. Where it can be demonstrated they have neglected to correctly follow these procedures employees can be afford extra negotiation power and may achieve an enhanced redundancy package/settlement.

Here at Farleys Solicitors our dedicated team specialise in employment law for employees, and are best placed to ensure your interests are suitably protected. Our highly skilled solicitors have extensive experience acting of behalf of employees faced with the threat of redundancy, devising exit strategies and tactics to ensure they receive the optimum redundancy package. For further information contact our employment law team on 0845 050 1958, alternatively please complete an online enquiry form.