A recent study by The Times newspaper has reported that cyclist deaths in the UK have reached a five year high. 122 cyclists were killed on Britain’s roads in 2012 – 106 of these involving collisions with motor vehicles. Almost half involved a car, and 20% involved a lorry or HGV. Amongst those killed was a 59 year old cyclist who was knocked off his bike in Lancaster town centre in May 2012. A Preston man, who was a father of one, was also amongst those killed when his bicycle collided with a car on the A6 at the Broughton roundabout.

Many believe that the rise in cyclist deaths is due to the fact that there are more cyclists on Britain’s roads. The Prime minister has recently endorsed a parliamentary report which aims to promote cycling in order to reduce pollution, cut congestion in towns and cities and impact on health spending. The worry is, however, that any increase in the popularity of cycling cold result in more cycling accidents on our roads. As part of the campaign, therefore, the London Cycling Campaign has put forward a number of proposals aimed at improving road safety. One of the proposals is for the implementation of cycle friendly lorries, which would have larger side windows and lowered cabs to reduce the potential for blind spots. It is yet to be seen if and when such proposals will be implemented in our local area.

Following Bradley Wiggins’ historic Tour de France win and the fantastic medal haul of the British cycling team at London 2012, along with various campaigns to increase the number of Britons cycling, it seems that riding a bike has never been more popular. I do worry, however, that without any coinciding improvements to road safety, the number of cycling accidents could hit even higher levels in the years to come.

If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of an accident, you may be entitled to bring a cycling accident claim against the person who is to blame. Due to the lack of physical protection available to bicycle riders, any accidents that occur can result in devastating injuries and even fatality. Farleys also specialise in helping relatives who have tragically lost a loved one to pursue a fatal accident claim. Whilst a financial settlement cannot bring a loved one back, it could go some way in trying to put your family back on track. For a free of charge discussion with one of our specialist solicitors, please do not hesitate to contact us.

By Nick Molyneux,
Personal Injury Solicitor, Lancashire