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Medical Negligence Farleys Solicitors LLP
Medical Negligence Farleys Solicitors LLP

Employment Dispute & Legal Advice For Employees From Farleys Solicitors in Preston

Farleys employment solicitors provide specialist legal assistance for employees in the following areas:

  • Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Harassment and Bullying at Work
  • Employment Tribunal Solicitors
  • Disciplinary, Appeals and Dismissal Solicitor
  • Employee Grievance Procedure Solicitors
  • Breach of Employment Contract
  • Redundancies and Redundancy Packages
  • Settlement Agreements / Compromise Agreements

Expert Legal Advice from Farleys Employment Dispute Solicitors

Whatever the nature of your dispute with your employer, you can rely on Farleys’ team of employment law solicitors to help. We provide cost-effective legal assistance and commercial advice on a wide range of employment issues, and over more than a century in business we’ve helped thousands of employees to resolve their own employment disputes.

We can write to your employer and formally take up the matter on your behalf, and (if necessary) even help you take your case all the way to an Employment Tribunal. Whatever the specifics of your case, always tailor our advice to your individual circumstances, helping you to achieve the most desirable outcome.

Our specialists in employment law also provide advice on:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Contracts of Employment and Employment Status
  • Directors Service Agreements
  • Discrimination in the Workplace (related to sex, race, disability, age, religion and sexual orientation)
  • Dismissals and Disciplinary Related Issues
  • Grievances / Employee Grievance Procedure Solicitors
  • Harassment and Bullying at work
  • Issuing Employment Claims and Representation at Employment Tribunal
  • Redundancy, Lay Off and Short-Time Working
  • Restrictive Covenants and Confidentiality
  • Settlement Agreements and Termination Packages
  • Transfer of Undertaking Regulations
  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Variations to Your Contract of Employment Including Salary / Wage Reductions

Contact a Employment Dispute Solicitor in Preston

For further information or for a free initial claim assessment contact Farleys Solicitors in Preston on 01772 978680, alternatively please complete an online enquiry form.

Discrimination disputes in the workplace

Workplace disputes can arise from all types of discrimination. UK law accounts for any instance of discrimination based on age, race, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, or disability. We understand how upsetting and frustrating experience of discrimination can be, so it’s always a good idea to speak to one of our experienced team of specialist employment law solicitors as soon as you can.

We can assist you at every stage of the process, clearly advising you of your rights, and providing in-depth guidance on all the options available to you, up to and including making a claim against your employer.

Disputes around harassment and bullying at work

Workplace disputes around harassment can take a severe toll on your emotional and mental health, and it’s quite common to feel trapped or helpless, especially if anyone involved in the bullying is in a senior position or otherwise valuable to the company.

Here at Farleys, our specialist solicitors have dealt extensively with cases involving sexual harassment, racial harassment and other forms of workplace bullying. We can support you with straightforward legal advice that’s free from unnecessary jargon, so that you can understand all the available ways you have to proceed with your case – and what might be the best option to help you resolve the situation.

Resolving disputes by Employment Tribunal

An Employment Tribunal provides a last-resort means to solve employment disputes, and is empowered to deal with cases involving a wide range of issues, including grievances, discrimination, disciplinary issues, and unfair dismissal claims. An Employment Tribunal is not as formal as a court, but its judgements are legally binding, so it is only available once all other means of resolution have been exhausted.

Here at Farleys, our experience with Employment Tribunals allows us to give you detailed guidance and straightforward legal advice to help you understand every aspect of the Employment Tribunals process, so that you can decide whether pursuing one is in your best interests.

Disputes around disciplinary, appeals and dismissal

All employers are required by law to have a clear set of policies and procedures that lay out how the company will respond to disciplinary matters or disputes, including those focused around appeals and dismissal. If there are any ambiguities or unfairness in these, it can often give rise to disputes.

Here at Farleys Solicitors, our employment law solicitors routinely handle disciplinary, appeals and dismissals cases, putting us in an excellent position to help you understand the full implications of your company’s policy, and how it relates to your case. With detailed legal advice and guidance, our goal is to make sure you have everything you need to make an informed decision about how best to proceed.

Disputes and employee grievance procedures

When a dispute arises between you and your employer, the best first step is normally to arrange an informal meeting to discuss the issue. If you’re not able to resolve the matter during this informal meeting, you may decide to raise an official grievance.

Our employment law solicitors have a wealth of experience and in-depth expertise in this complex area of law, and we’re able to lay everything out in simple, jargon-free terms, so that you can fully understand all the options and potential outcomes available to you.

Breach of employment contract disputes

A significant number of the employment disputes we deal with here at Farleys arise from breaches of contract. If your employer has made changes to your job that you did not accept, then it could be classed as a breach of contract. Some common examples of breach of contract cases include abrupt changes to working hours, or failure to pay wages.

We’re here to help. You can count on our employment law solicitors here at Farleys to answer any questions you might have, highlight any relevant legislation, and give you detailed legal advice that’s tailored to your individual circumstances.

Redundancy, Lay Off and Short-Time Working disputes

The nature of redundancy law in the UK is significantly complex, and sets strict standards for employers to follow. If you feel that your own employer has failed to appropriately follow these standards in your own case, you may be able to bring a claim.

At Farleys Solicitors, we’re here to help with these disputes. Our knowledgable experts can support you with straightforward legal advice that clearly lays out all the available ways in which you can proceed – as well as their potential outcomes – making it easier to decide which course of action is in your best interests.

Professional Regulatory Employment Issues

Farleys Solicitors’ employment lawyers can also advise and assist on cases where breaches of professional rules and codes of conduct have occurred. This area of employment law covers all professional regulatory employment issues, including investigations and disciplinary proceedings brought by:

  • Accountancy and Actuarial Discipline Board
  • Adjudications Panel for England
  • General Teaching Council (GTC)
  • Financial Services Authority (FSA)
  • General Medical Council (GMC)
  • Solicitors Regulatory Association (SRA)
  • Standards Board of England
  • The Bar Council
  • The Football Association (FA)

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