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Commercial property litigation in Preston can all-too-easily end up being particularly stressful and time-consuming for landlords and tenants alike, even in what might at first appear to be relatively clear-cut cases. This is largely because commercial property litigation often involves particularly complex areas of law, so seeking expert advice early is invaluable for making the entire process go as smoothly and as stress-free as possible.

That’s exactly what we’re here for at Farleys Solicitors. With 60 years of experience behind us, we’re able to provide practical specialist advice to landlords and tenants alike on all aspects of property ownership, management and occupation. We take care to deliver this advice in our characteristically friendly, straight-talking style, and free from any unnecessary legal jargon.

We work with businesses of all sizes, so whether you’re an SME or a large corporation or PLC, we’ll always make sure to begin by sitting down with you and having a detailed discussion with you about the specifics of your case, and what you’d like to achieve. We’ll then use this discussion to form the basis for a proactive legal strategy, geared towards your ideal outcome for the case.

It’s important for us to say here that not every case of commercial property litigation in Preston requires court action, and we only pursue court action as a last resort here at Farleys. Instead, we prefer to begin by exploring a range of early resolution options with you, such as correspondence, negotiation, arbitration and mediation. Any one of these may have the potential to resolve your issue long before your case reaches court, which can end up saving you significant amounts of time, money and stress.

What services do our Commercial Property Litigation Solicitors in Preston provide?

Our commercial property litigation solicitors in Preston provide a diverse range of services, including (but not limited to:)

Our key Commercial Property Litigation services in Preston

Commercial property litigation in Preston encompasses a wide variety of different types of legal dispute, but one of the most common we deal with here at Farleys are ‘Breach of Covenants’. Essentially, this involves one or more parties failing to adhere to the legal agreements set out in a lease contract. We can provide in-depth legal assistance to either landlords or tenants who find themselves in this situation, helping them to pursue (or defend against) claims for damages, or provide guidance in terminating the lease in question. Alternatively, we can help broker an alternative solution between both parties.

Below, we’ve covered a few more of the most common types of cases we deal with here at Farleys, including:

Rent arrears recovery

It probably comes as no surprise that rent arrears constitutes one of the single most common issues that can arise between landlords and tenants, so it’s one that we’re well-versed in resolving here at Farleys Solicitors.

If you’re currently involved in legal proceedings with rent arrears – or you’re considering initiating them – it’s worth bearing in mind that landlords must follow a strict set of established procedures when attempting to recover rent arrears from their tenants. These procedures are in place for the protection of the tenants, so landlords who deviate from them (knowingly or unknowingly) could risk opening themselves up to countering legal action from the tenants.

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, you can trust us to help here at Farleys Solicitors. We can explain the rules and regulations involved in clear, straightforward terms, helping you to understand what your available legal options are at every stage of the process, and focusing our efforts on finding the most cost-effective, efficient resolution to your issue. It’s not unheard of for rent arrears cases to become more complex as they progress, so for that reason alone, we’d generally recommend getting specialist legal advice as early as you can once proceedings are initiated.

Dilapidation and disrepair disputes

As far as commercial property law in Preston is concerned, dilapidation and disrepair are considered to be broadly synonymous terms. These types of cases typically focus on the tenant’s responsibilities to undertake certain repairs and upkeep relating to the property during the course of their occupation.

If landlords have reason to believe that tenants might not be maintaining the property according to terms of the lease agreement, they may decide to pursue legal action. Tenants may in turn choose to dispute this. We have a long history of working with landlords and tenants who find themselves in these situations.

If you’re a commercial landlord, we can provide assistance geared towards helping you recoup the costs of repairs and other professional services, in addition to any loss of rent. If you’re a tenant on the other hand, we can provide detailed advice on your rights, legal obligations and available options. If you’d like, we can also make tailored recommendations on the best way to resolve your dilapidation or disrepair dispute in Preston.

Shared ownership disputes

It’s not uncommon for shared ownership disputes to arise over issues like rights, shares, entitlements and business interests in the property. One particularly common scenario sees one co-owner wishing to sell, without the agreement of the other. Not every one of these cases requires professional legal intervention to resolve, but for the cases that do, we’re only too happy to provide exactly that here at Farleys.

One of the main reasons why shared ownership disputes can be so sensitive is the fact that co-owners are more likely to have some form of close personal connection to each other. If you’re a co-owner of a property yourself, your co-owner may a close friend, colleague, your partner, or a family member. All that means that legal proceedings can be naturally highly emotionally-charged.

We’re acutely aware of the careful touch these cases require here at Farleys Solicitors, and we always do everything we can to try and resolve these disputes in a sensitive and empathetic manner. We focus on using our wealth of specialist expertise to make the legal side of things go as smoothly and efficiently as possible, helping you understand all the possible courses of action and which one might be best for you. That leaves you more mental energy to focus on any personal relationships, and how you want to handle them.

How can our Commercial Property Litigation Solicitors in Preston help?

Farleys Solicitors LLP is a friendly, trusted, and straight-talking local firm with over 60 years of experience in serving clients in Preston and across the North West. Our solicitors draw upon a wealth of knowledge and industry-specific expertise in order to answer all of your most pressing questions regarding commercial property litigation.

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