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Abuse Claims Farleys Solicitors LLP
Abuse Claims Farleys Solicitors LLP

Child Abuse Compensation Claim Solicitors in Preston

Child Abuse Compensation Claim Solicitors in Preston

Our expert team of personal injury solicitors specialise in physical and sexual child abuse claims in Preston, and here at Farleys we always take care to put compassion at the centre of everything we do. Child abuse survivors often qualify for legal aid for their cases. However, if you don’t, then you can rest assured that our team can usually take abuse claims on a no-win, no fee basis.

Your comfort and safety is our top priority throughout your case. With more than six decades of experience to our name, we understand exactly how difficult it is for survivors to open up about the abuse they’ve suffered, so we’ll never ask you to reveal all the sensitive details until you’re ready to do so. During our initial discussions, we’ll only ever ask you for enough information to determine if your child abuse claim in Preston is likely to succeed.

Can I seek justice and compensation for child abuse in Preston?

Yes. That’s what we’re here for at Farleys. We are specialists in child abuse cases, with more than 60 years of experience behind us. What’s more, we’re passionate about putting all those decades of knowledge and expertise to use in getting you justice for your child abuse claim in Preston. You can always rely on us to be honest, straightforward and tactful with you at all stages, and keep you informed of all your available legal options at every stage of the process. Ultimately, the final decision on how to proceed is all up to you.

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How long do I have to make a child abuse claim in Preston?

Technically speaking, child abuse claims in Preston should be brought within three years of the date that the abuse occurred. However, in practice the law is very flexible on timescales, far more so than it is for other legal situations. That’s because it recognises that child abuse survivors often face incredible difficulty in speaking up about the abuse they’ve endured.

It’s common for people to go years (or even decades) to pass before they feel comfortable to speak about their experiences. Common barriers include:

  • Fear of not being believed
  • Feelings of shame or guilt
  • Fear of the abuser, especially after intimidation or explicit threats of violence
  • Difficulty in articulating the nature or scale of the abuse
  • Not understanding that what happened was wrong
  • Trying to protect family or loved ones (or even the abuser themselves)
  • Feelings of powerlessness
  • Suppression of the memories of the abuse
  • Struggles with the psychological impact of the abuse

If any of the above sounds familiar, or it’s something you’re currently experiencing, then rest assured that we are here to help you. Even if a significant length of time has passed since the date that the abuse first occurred, we’re still determined to ensure that you get justice for your child abuse claim in Preston.

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Will my confidentiality be protected?

Absolutely. UK law is very clear about the rights of child abuse survivors, including your right to total confidentiality. Child abuse survivors are never named in the media, even in the most high profile of cases. The very few exceptions almost always involve survivors voluntarily waiving their right to anonymity. However, that’s not a decision that’s ever taken lightly, and not a choice you’ll ever be forced to make.

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What is the Child Abuse Claims Process in Preston?

Our process for child abuse claims in Preston is split into several key stages. This is to ensure that child abuse survivors have sufficient time to collect their evidence, and present their case for the best chance of success.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s involved:

A free case assessment with one of our expert child abuse solicitors. This is the first step, at which stage they’ll assess the likelihood of success for your claim. We recognise that this initial conversation can be one of the most difficult, so we always do everything we can to make you feel as comfortable and safe as possible before we begin.

Allocation to a specialist who will handle your case. They’ll act as your main point of contact from that point onwards, keeping the details of your case as confidential from as many people as possible, and maintaining your privacy.

Collection of evidence. Arguably the most critical stage, this may involve bringing in outside experts such as a psychologist or psychiatrist, depending on the background of your case. It’s not always necessary, but if it is, you can rely on us to be here to support you throughout.

Tally of compensation amount. We recognise that the financial aspects of your case may not be your highest priority, but they’re important to us, as they can prove to be a vital means of securing you valuable support with other areas in your life, and your future. For that reason alone, we focus on securing you an amount that properly reflects your circumstances, and the nature of your case.

Settling your claim. When we have all the relevant information to hand, we’ll then be ready to bring your case against the person or party responsible. It’s worth us highlighting here that the majority of cases are resolved long before they go to court. However, if yours is one of the very rare exceptions, you can trust us to be here for you every step of the way.

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How to start a child abuse claim in Preston?

Wherever possible, Farleys will pursue your claim on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

We are a friendly, trusted, and straight-talking local firm with over 60 years of experience in serving clients in Preston and across the North West. Our solicitors draw upon a wealth of knowledge and industry-specific expertise in order to answer all of your most pressing questions regarding child abuse claims.

For free initial advice on pursuing a claim, feel free to get in touch with our Preston child abuse claims solicitors today on 01772 978680 or contact us by email to arrange an appointment.

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Contact a specialist child abuse solicitor in Preston

If you have suffered child abuse, be it sexual, physical or neglect, and would like to bring a claim contact the experts at Farleys Solicitors in confidence on 0330 134 6430 or complete your details below and we will call you back.

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