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With decades of experience behind us, our Burnley corporate solicitors can provide you with assistance or advice on any aspect of company law. Company law, sometimes known as corporate law, is distinct from commercial law in that it focuses on legal matters concerning the corporate entity itself, and every aspect of its formation, maintenance and dissolution.

We know that every situation is different here at Farleys, so we always take care to begin by sitting down with you to fully explore the details of your situation. That way, we can ensure that our corporate law advice is tailored specifically to your situation – helping you to determine the best path forward for your business, resolving legal issues and ultimately paving the way for future growth and development.

Whether you’re starting a new business, evolving from a sole trader to a partnership, or looking to take the next step with a larger business, our corporate solicitors in Burnley are here to help.

Directors Duties Solicitors in Burnley

The Companies Act 2006 lays out a clear list of Directors Duties that all UK company directors are expected to abide by. These duties set certain standards of ethics, diligence and loyalty, and emphasise the importance of keeping comprehensive records with Companies House.

Breaches of these duties can incur serious penalties, and can entail financial renumeration, removal of a director from their post, or even imprisonment in the most extreme cases.

By law, directors only owe their obligations to the company rather than individual shareholders. However, shareholders may choose to bring legal action in the form of derivative claims, which involves acting in the company’s name rather than their own.

For these reasons and more, it’s not unusual for directors duties disputes to be highly legally complex. If you think that you or a director at your company may be in breach of your duties, it’s important not to hesitate in getting legal advice as soon as you can. That’s where our corporate solicitors in Burnley can help.

Statutory Registers Solicitors in Burnley

The law says that all companies must keep and maintain comprehensive statutory company records and registers, including the minutes of board meetings, and registers of staff. Since April 2016, this now includes the details of any PSCs, or People with Significant Control of your company.

Statutory registers serve as the sole source of reliable up-to-date information and proof of shareholding in the company. Therefore, failure to keep them properly updated can have serious legal consequences. Our business solicitors in Burnley can assist you in ensuring that your own statutory records are kept fully up to date, allowing you to rest assured that you are fully compliant with the law.

Directors & Shareholders Meetings in Burnley

Director and shareholder meetings need to be organised and run according to an exacting set of regulations, in order for their resolutions to be considered legally valid. These rules are dictated by the Company’s Articles of Association, as well as the Companies Act 2006, and company’s own shareholders agreement (if there is one). The experience and expertise of our business solicitors in Burnley can help you to ensure that every directors and shareholders meeting you hold is fully compliant with the law, so that all of its decisions can be legally recognised.

How Can Our Company Law Solicitors in Burnley Help?

Farleys Solicitors LLP is a friendly, trusted, and straight-talking local firm with over 60 years of experience in serving clients in Burnley and across the North West. Our Company law solicitors draw upon a wealth of knowledge and industry-specific expertise to provide clear, straightforward advice, while answering all of your most pressing questions regarding Company law.

We know that every situation is different, so we always begin by arranging an in-depth discussion with you about your circumstances, so that we can help you determine of the best path forward for you and your business.

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