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Client's Charter

Client's Charter

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At Farleys we pride ourselves on the standard of service and legal advice we give to all our clients.

As part of the continual improvement of our services Farleys have introduced a Client Charter setting out our committment to you:

General Principles

Your Case

  • We will discuss what you hope to acheive and agree with you in writing what would be a realistic result. 
  • We will make sure you understand any risks involved in following your instructions. 
  • We will keep you up to date with the progress of your case. 
  • If there is likely to be no action for a period of time, we will explain why and when you are likely to hear from us next.

Communicating With You

  • We will endeavour to deal with your questions quickly.
  • We will endeavour to give clear legal advice that you can understand and will confirm our advice in writing.
  • We will endeavour to reply to your letters within 5 working days. If we need to provide a detailed reply, we will acknowledge receipt of your letter within 2 working days and let you know when you can expect our detailed response.
  • We will endeavour to return your telephone calls on the same day. If your lawyer is unable to do so for any reason another member of staff will explain why this is not possible, in which case they will tell you when your call will be returned.
  • If you have access to the internet we will, if you wish, communicate by email.

The Cost Of Legal Services

  • We will provide you with an estimate of our likely fees at the outset and will confirm this to you in writing. Alternatively, we will fix a fee in those cases where this is possible.
  • We will let you know if you qualify for public funding via the Legal Services Commission. We will explain how this will affect you and your case and assist you to apply for funding, should you wish.
  • We will only charge you what we have agreed with you in writing in advance. If we cannot fix a fee, we will agree the basis of our charges with you and give you an idea of the total costs.
  • We will give you a written update of costs, at least every 3 months. (This will include VAT and any money we have paid to others for you, such as a barrister or expert).


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