Over the last 5 years, our abuse claims lawyers have seen a steady stream of new cases involving Stone Cross School. Stone Cross was an educational establishment on the border of Lancashire and Cumbria where pupils with difficulties from the Lancashire area were often sent in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. The council run school, established in 1952, has joined the growing number of educational establishments to be involved in the increasing number of abuse cases that have been brought to public attention decades after the incidents took place.

The children who were sent to the school often had learning difficulties or had experienced problems at home or at school. Unfortunately, one of the members of staff at the school was also a paedophile who abused boys in his care. Such cases of historic abuse highlight a failure of the council to protect the vulnerable as they were entrusted with the welfare of these children whilst under their care.

The fact that we are still receiving enquiries from potential claimants regarding Stone Cross is indicative of how hard it is for those that have suffered abuse to come forward. Even some 30 years after the abuse occurred, Claimants are only now finding the strength to report these matters and consult on the possibility of damages claims.

To consider the psychological trauma suffered by the victims as a result of the abuse is incomprehensible, and it is imperative that the victims are provided with the opportunity to finally attain closure on such events. Whilst achieving a successful settlement cannot undo or erase past events, it can aid in assuring that medical and emotional support is available helping those involved to finally overcome the horrific events that have haunted their childhood.

If you were directly affected by the events at Stone Cross we would welcome hearing from you. Jonathan Bridge is a Partner in this firm who specialises in this area of work and can be contacted in confidence to discuss further by phone on 0845 050 1958. Or alternatively you can email him directly via Jonathan.Bridge@farleys.com