It is no secret that relationships do not come without their difficulties. The first few years after formalising any relationship, be it getting married, entering into a civil partnership, or moving in with a partner, can be the most difficult as both parties adapt their lives around each other. Sadly, in situations where the relationship has not lived up to expectations, some couples take the decision to separate. Recent figures reveal that there is no exception when it comes to civil partnerships.

Recent statistics show that there has been a 20% increase in the number of civil partnership dissolutions granted from 2011 to 2012. It has been noted that as the number of civil partnerships registered continues to rise, (there was a further increase of 3.6% in the number of civil partnerships being entered into in 2012 in comparison with the number registered in 2011), it seems that this type of relationship is following very similar trends to those as occur in marriage and divorce.

The first decade of a marriage is the most difficult, with the majority of divorces occurring during this period. As the legislation of the Civil Partnership Act 2004 approaches the end of its first decade in force, it is becoming apparent that civil partnerships are statistically falling in line with marriages in this respect. The figures from the recent study also show that same-sex female couples are more likely to dissolve their civil partnerships than men.

Dealing with financial issues, whether following dissolution of a civil partnership or other relationship can be complex and it is important to get the correct advice. This will include advice on the best method of resolving any dispute in the most effective way possible.  Furthermore, due to the rapid growth in the number of civil partnership dissolutions, the importance of considering pre-civil partnership agreements has become more significant.

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