The majority of the work I do involves victims of sexual abuse.  This week, however, it was nice to obtain a favourable decision for the victim of domestic abuse.

Client J suffered at the hands of her husband for many years.  She eventually had the courage to leave her husband and report matters to the Police.  She approached Farleys with a view to a Criminal Injuries Compensation claim.  The CICA were sympathetic to the claim but only offered damages of £1,000.00.  On review the same offer was made.  It was only when we took the matter to appeal that appropriate damages were awarded.  Client J ended up with over £20,000.00 to compensate her for the psychological distress she had endured and also to help pay for her future treatment.

This case was not only pleasing because of the massive increase in damages we secured for Client J but also because of the fact that she will now be able to afford appropriate treatment to help her get over the trauma of the abusive marriage.

If you have been the victim of a crime involving abuse please contact one of our specialist lawyers. CICA claims are complex and the rules have recently changed and I would strongly recommend that if you do have a claim you consult a lawyer who is experienced in such matters. It is these strict rules in particular that can cause potential pitfalls in abuse cases, with some solicitors misunderstanding the guidelines, failing to deal with the claim properly as a result.

Our dedicated team have a wealth of expertise in handling abuse cases and are happy to offer a free initial interview to potential claimants either by person or telephone. To speak to a solicitor who specialises in helping clients pursue CICA claims for abuse, please contact us on 0845 050 1958, or alternatively you can email me directly via .