Figures have been released by The Ministry of Justice which show that in the 5 years since 2005 the number of convictions for sex offences commited against children aged under 16 have increased by nearly 60%.

This is a massive increase in a relatively short space of time.

An interesting article on the BBC News website quotes the NSPCC who suggest that the rise has been attributed to better detection and raised awareness.

As a Lawyer specialising in child abuse claims it is clear that people are becoming more aware of this area and are more willing to report offences.  Not only are Claimants now more prepared to report abuse to the Police but they are also more aware of the possibility of bringing civil claims, be it against the abuser, his employers or the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). I regularly help victims of abuse, including those who have suffered sexual abuse, physical abuse, psychological abuse or were abused as a child, to claim compensation for the suffering they have endured and the often long-lasting negative consequences it has had on their lives.

Victims of abuse should also be aware that time is no longer the bar it used to be to bringing compensation claims.  I have settled a claim this week against the Local Authority for over £50,000.00 for abuse which occurred in the late 1970’s. Abuse claims can often also be undertaken on a no win no fee basis.

The more knowledge we gain about child abuse offences, the better placed we are to protect children from sexual exploitation in the future.