Being charged with a conspiracy to supply shotguns or firearms can be a daunting and scary experience.

The focus of any defence lawyer is the evidence against you. Some lawyers do not take enough time to explain to their client the issue before the court. The issue is whether or not there was an agreement to possess and/or supply the firearms. The forming of the agreement itself is the criminal act. Many defendant’s go into police interview unrepresented. They will volunteer pin numbers to their phone. They may even think to themselves that, since they never touched the firearms, they will not get in trouble. These can be terrible mistakes to make in the preparation of an effective defence.

Many people who make mistakes in the preparation of their defence, do so because they fail to think about the fact that their mobile phones may contain evidence that is useful to the prosecution.

Common examples include:

  • Having a meeting with someone else suspected of involvement with the offence.

  • Having images of firearms within their mobile phone

  • Agreeing to give a person a lift to a meeting.

  • Agreeing to collect someone at an airport.

  • Text, WhatsApp messages relating to the transport of goods.

Section 1(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1977 states: “If a person agrees with any other person or persons that a course of conduct shall be pursued which, if the agreement is carried out in accordance with their intentions, either will necessarily amount to or involve the commission of any offence or offences by one or more of the parties to the agreement, or would do so but for the existence of facts which render the commission of the offence or any of the offences impossible, he is guilty of conspiracy to commit the offence or offences in question.”

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