Our client, Mr R*, approached Farleys’ dental negligence team after receiving a delayed diagnosis.

Mr R had noticed a discolouration of his gums and attended his dental practice to raise the matter. On his first attendance, the dentist advised it was nothing to worry about though didn’t perform an examination of the area in question. Mr R then raised the issue several times more at further appointments, receiving a similar response of “not to worry”.

After another visit, Mr R’s dentist finally examined his gums closely and decided to refer him to the hospital for a biopsy. The biopsy revealed cancer in Mr R’s gums. Mr R received a T4 cancer diagnosis and is still receiving treatment.

Mr R approached Farleys to act on his behalf in making a dental negligence claim following the delayed diagnosis to seek damages to cover the costs he had incurred as a result.

Farleys’ dental negligence team instructed experts to examine Mr R’s medical records and determine the impact the delayed diagnosis will have had on Mr R’s cancer and subsequent treatment needs.

We entered into negotiations with the defendant’s insurers and achieved a settlement of £20,000.

Michael Corrigan, Partner and dental negligence expert at Farleys, commented,

This delayed diagnosis has had a devastating impact on our client. He feels that through the negligence of his dentist, he has delayed vital diagnosis and treatment. We were pleased to have been able to achieve this settlement to cover the cost of treatment and wish him all the best in his recovery.

If you have suffered as a result of negligent treatment or delayed diagnosis from a dentist, Farleys’ team of legal experts can assist you in making a claim for compensation. To discuss your case, please get in touch today.

*Our client’s name has been anonymised to protect their privacy.