Farleys Solicitors successfully challenged the refusal to grant Mr Hill a shotgun certificate (Hill -v- Lancashire Police).

Mr Hill made his application for his shotgun certificate in his 50’s. As a young man over quarter of a century ago he had foolishly gotten himself involved in the illegal importation of tobacco.

Some 9 years ago he had been involved in an altercation and convicted of an assault matter.

Lancashire police initially refused his shotgun certificate. They cited his history of criminal behaviour and history of violence as their reasons. Farleys’ firearms law specialist Gareth Hawden intervened and lodged an appeal.

There was a lot more to Mr Hill’s history than the police had included in the decision making. Mr Hill had been involved in the importation of tobacco as a very young and impressionable man. He had just transported items and was very low down in the operation. There was no suggestion that he had used violence or misused weapons in any way. There had been no repetition of this behaviour in the decades since.

In terms of the assault matter, Mr Hill’s conviction had become spent over 2 years ago. For the purpose of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act he was a rehabilitated person. There was no pattern of violence and the one instance in which he had gotten into trouble for this was out of character. It was also the lowest level of assault.

Police initially refused our representations, but Farleys Solicitors persisted, and the licensing authority ultimately granted the certificate without the need for a full appeal.

It just goes to show that the police are not correct every time and instructing a specialist firearms solicitor is worth it.

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