Ms C approached Farleys’ personal injury team about the possibility of making a claim after she was injured in a road traffic accident.


Ms C, an NHS Nursing Assistant, had been the passenger in a vehicle travelling through Darwen when a car pulled out of a side road and hit their vehicle.

Ms C was taken to A&E and was diagnosed with soft tissue injuries to the right side of her neck, her shoulder, and her shoulder blade. Two weeks later, she was still experiencing significant pain and attended her GP who took x-rays which showed a previous back condition she had prior to the accident had been aggravated.

She required further physio and was forced to take time off work. She also needed additional care at home from her mother and daughter during her recovery.

How Farleys were able to help

Ms C instructed Nick Molyneux of Farleys’ personal injury team to pursue a claim against the other driver’s insurance company.

Farleys instructed medical experts to assess Ms C’s injuries and advise on any ongoing or future treatment that would be required.

We issued court proceedings and successfully recovered £6,500 in damages which covered her pain and suffering, loss of earnings and overtime, care costs, and future treatment. We also successfully recovered the cost of earnings for Ms C’s employer, the NHS.

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