Mr H approached Farleys’ personal injury team about the possibility of making a claim for compensation after he suffered injuries while at the gym.


Mr H was a member at a local gym and was using the facilities as normal on the day in question.

At the time of the accident, he was using the cable machine to perform crunches, using 90kg of weight. He was knelt down with the cable behind him, crunching forwards, when suddenly the cable snapped and caused Mr H to hit his head and face on the ground.  The rope then hit him on the back of the head.

Mr H sustained injuries to his face, wrist and neck and also suffered with headaches and anxiety after the accident.

How Farleys Were Able to Help

Mr H instructed Jade Jump of Farleys’ personal injury team to act on his behalf in a claim against the gym on the grounds of defective equipment.

Jade submitted a claim to the gym’s insurers. Once the claim was submitted, they took a few months to confirm they were responsible for Mr H’s accident.

Mr H was examined by a medical expert who confirmed his injuries as above.

Jade managed to negotiate a settlement of £5,000 for Mr H who was pleased with the outcome of his case.

Jade commented,

Gyms have a duty of care to their members to ensure that all equipment is safe and properly maintained. Due to the nature and weight of the equipment, when equipment is defective or not properly maintained, this can result in serious injuries.

I was pleased to be able to recover these damages for Mr H to enable him to move on from his experiences and wish him all the best in his recovery.

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