Mr C approached Farleys’ personal injury team about the possibility of making a claim for compensation after he suffered serious injuries in a motorbike crash.


Mr C was in his 30s and working as a mobile manager for a retailer at the time of the accident. He was riding his motorbike down the A59 at around 8:30 in the morning when a car pulled from a side road to his left and collided with him. His motorbike hit the driver’s side of the car and propelled over the vehicle, smashing the windscreen and hitting a third vehicle.

Mr C was in and out of consciousness at the scene and was airlifted to hospital when he was conscious but subsequently had two seizures. An MRI scan said he had a bleed on the brain and he was placed in a coma for 3 days. X-rays revealed he had a broken femur, two broken ribs, a broken right collarbone, and a broken right forearm. He had also punctured his right lung, which had collapsed twice. Alongside this, he had a fracture to the front of his skull and a fracture to the mandible bone in his jaw, and had suffered a head injury and traumatic brain injury.

Mr C required surgery. When he returned from hospital, he required home adaptations as he was unable to bear weight on his left leg. He needed to take anti-seizure medications and daily injections alongside regular physiotherapy. He suffered concentration and memory impairment, had problems with comprehension and permanent cognitive defects. As a result of all of this, Mr C had a change of personality.

He was unable to return to riding a motorbike and his injuries impacted on his job and future career prospects.

How Farleys Were Able to Help

Mr C instructed Jane Chadwick, personal injury solicitor at Farleys to act on his behalf in a claim for damages against the insurers of the driver of the vehicle which hit him.

Jane and her team instructed numerous medical experts including as orthopaedic surgeon, head and neck surgeon, cardiothoracic surgeon, neurologist, psychiatrist and more to report of the various aspects of Mr C’s accident, injuries and the potential impact on his life.

We argued that not only had Mr C’s injuries had a significant impact on his life in the short term, in the form of surgery and recovery, they would also continue to have an impact on his life in the form of long-term symptoms which would impact on his ability to work and function as he would have done prior to the accident.

The insurers for the person driving the vehicle that hit Mr C disputed liability so court proceedings were issued and the case was listed for trial.

Prior to reaching court, Jane successfully negotiated a settlement of £125,000 which Mr C was very happy with.

Jane commented,

Mr C suffered not only life changing injuries but life-threatening ones, the effects of which will be felt by him and his family for years to come. We were pleased to have been able to help him recover this compensation to assist with his recovery, treatment, and any future adaptations he needs.

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