Mr X* and his daughter (Mrs T) approached Farleys’ medical negligence team about the possibility of pursuing a claim after medical negligence which lead to the passing of his wife (Mrs T’s mother).


This was a very sad case whereby Mr X’s wife had passed away following a battle with lung cancer. It transpired from an investigation by the hospital that there had been failure on the part of the hospital to review an x-ray.

How Farleys Were Able to Help

Mr X and Mrs T instructed Laura Murphy, medical negligence specialist at Farleys, to act on their behalf in a claim against the hospital trust.

This was a very medically complex case. Laura instructed multiple experts in the form of Oncologists and Radiologists to interpret the radiological images and provide an opinion. The medical records were extensive and liability was initially disputed by the trust on the basis that the x-rays had been properly interpreted by the radiologists [despite the initial investigations by the hospital].

Laura issued court proceedings and instructed a barrister to assist. Through extensive negotiations with the trust’s representatives, a settlement of £30,000 was eventually agreed on.

Laura commented,

Given the exceptionally personal nature of this claim, we understand that, in reality, no amount of money will bring Mrs X back; however, the aim of this claim was for Mr X and Mrs T to receive some justice and accountability for what occurred and to hopefully ensure nothing like this happens again. We are pleased to have been able to draw a conclusion to this claim to allow them to move on with their lives. We wish them all the best.

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*Names have been removed to protect our client’s privacy.