Ms L approached Farleys’ personal injury team to discuss the possibility of making a claim for compensation after she suffered injuries in an accident.


Ms L was entering a town hall building when she fell over a bar which had not been put back correctly when the doors were opened that morning. As she fell she dropped her phone which smashed as it hit the ground. Ms L suffered physical injuries to her hands, knees, shins, and elbows.

Ms L reported the accident to the Town Hall Chair and an accident report form was completed.

How Farleys Were Able to Help

Ms L instructed Jade Jump, personal injury solicitor at Farleys, to pursue a claim for compensation on her behalf against the Town Hall.

Jade worked to establish liability for the claim. There was an initial disagreement over this as the Town Hall claimed it was the responsibility of a third party, who was holding an event at the Hall.  After the Town Hall were unable to produce any evidence which put the blame on the third party who were hosting an event, eventually the Town Hall admitted full liability for the accident.

Jade then instructed a medical expert to assess the extent of Ms L’s injuries and her prospects for recovery. The medical expert reported that Ms L’s physical injuries would last for a month. They also reported that Ms L was suffering from psychological injury in the form of anxiety which would last for 16 months.

Jade then entered into negotiations with the defendant’s insurers to reach a settlement which fully compensated Ms L for her experience. Following successful negotiations, a settlement of £3,800 was agreed which covered Ms L’s injuries, travel expenses, medication, care and assistance, and the repair of her phone. Ms L was happy with the damages recovered on her behalf.

Jade commented:

This was an avoidable accident which occurred through no fault of Ms L.  I hope the Town Hall now take more care in ensuring their premises are safe to use for members of the public and I am happy we were able to get Ms L the compensation she deserved.

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