Jonathan Bridge heads the abuse claims department at Farleys and has been instructed in a damages claim by the victims of an “evil” foster mother and daughter.

Jacqueline Hawksworth and Sarah Philpot were jailed at Croydon Crown Court on 29 September in relation to mistreatment of our clients.  As a department we deal with hundreds of claims against Local Authorities many as a result of abuse by foster carers.

The vast majority of foster carers in this country do a fantastic job but sadly there is a small minority who fail to provide the love and care that the vulnerable children placed with them need and deserve. In some cases, the children suffer abuse and this particular case is an extreme example.

Farleys have dealt with similar cases in the past with claims brought against the abuser personally, against the Local Authority and under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. In one similar case damages of over £200,000 were recovered from the CICA for a client who had been left with permanent psychiatric injuries as a result of abuse by foster carer and an inability to work.

In this particular case the abuse has had a long-term effect on both clients. They missed out on a secure childhood environment. Any child which finds itself in the care system is already vulnerable and needs good reparative parenting. In this case the clients were deprived of any affection and spent their childhood being fearful, controlled, suppressed and riddled with fear. They suffer nightmares and flashbacks to their childhood experiences. Not only were their childhoods stolen from them but they have been left with long term psychiatric issues.

As a result of a Supreme Court Judgment in 2017 (Armes v Nottinghamshire County Council) a Local Authority is liable for the actions of a foster carer and in this particular case a damages claim has been intimated to the relevant Council in relation to the abuse suffered.

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