In December 2021, Farleys’ corporate team assisted Simple Flying Ltd in the sale of assets, largely its website,, to Canadian investment company Valnet Inc.


Founded by entrepreneur Arran Rice in 2018, Simple Flying Ltd is the “one stop hub” for everything the public need to know about the world of aviation.

With specialist editors, journalists and analysts, Simple Flying Ltd works to produce quality news and updates consistently for aviation enthusiasts.

As of today, it is the largest aviation news website in the world with views ranging from 12-19M a month.

How Farleys were able to help.

Farleys’ corporate law expert Richard Bell, based at the firm’s Manchester office, advised Simple Flying Limited on the sale and navigated, on behalf of the client, some interesting challenges including those relating to the nuances of transferring diverse and live digital media internationally.

Victoria Mitchell, head of employment law at Farleys assisted with the complex employment and TUPE aspects of the deal.

Following some long days and evenings in order to incorporate trans-Atlantic time differences (as well as jurisdictional differences), the deal was completed within a tight 4-week deadline and both parties were pleased with the outcome achieved.

Richard Bell commented,

“It was a pleasure to act on behalf of Simple Flying in connection with the sale of their industry leading international website. Arran Rice is an impressive individual and entrepreneur whom myself and Farleys wish all the best in his future endeavours – we cannot wait to see what he does next.”

Arran Rice added,

Working with Farleys and Richard Bell has been a great experience from start to finish. Your business being acquired is a daunting and exciting experience, and working with Richard felt like an extension of my own team. Questions and concerns were answered and explained and the entire process felt very streamlined. Deadlines were stuck to, and we were able to close as fast as possible.

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