Farleys accepted instruction from Client TT in a claim against Bristol City Council following historic abuse.

Jonathan Bridge acted for Client TT, alongside Justin Levinson of Counsel and secured an award of £40,000 following serious sexual abuse suffered at the hands of a child care officer.


What was unusual at this particular claim was that the abuse had happened nearly 50 years ago. There had been a criminal prosecution of the abuser, who had been convicted within the last 12 months of offences relating to various children but nevertheless, it is still exceptional to recover damages for a claimant after such a significant delay in bringing the claim.

The defendants did argue limitation. It was suggested that there could not be a fair trial and that court documentation had gone missing. The defendants did not even accept that the claimant had been in their care when the abuse happened and that important documentation was missing.

How Farleys Were Able to Help

Farleys obtained evidence from a relative of the claimant, which confirmed the circumstances surrounding his contact with the abuser and that the abuser was acting in the course of his employment when the abuse occurred. Further corroboration was obtained from police records, a transcript of the criminal trial and medical records, together with extracts from the local press. A transcript of the judgment in the criminal case was also obtained to assist in negotiating settlement of the civil claim.

This is nevertheless, one of the oldest cases that Farleys have dealt with and shows that where there is sufficient corroboratory evidence, delay in bringing a claim need not be fatal.

Client TT eventually recovered £40,000 in damages and was delighted to be able to conclude the case and obtain closure in relation to the abuser and the failings of Bristol City Council Social Services Department.

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