Our Client, Ms D*, approached Farleys’ dental negligence team after experiencing lasting damage following her dentist’s failure to diagnose a tooth condition.

Ms D had attended her dentist as she was experiencing terrible pain. She was told by the dentist that the pain was caused by receding gums and sinuses and she was sent away. The pain didn’t go away and, in fact, got worse, so Ms D attended the surgery once again. Her dentist gave her the same diagnosis without examining her teeth properly and sent her away again.

Ms D went to her GP who told her she had no sinus problems and the pain continued over the next few weeks. She was unable to get another appointment with her dentist so took the decision, due to the pain and discomfort she was experiencing, to take an appointment with another dentist.

When the second dentist examined Ms D’s teeth, she was advised that she had cracked cusp syndrome which had unfortunately damaged the tooth beyond repair and it had to be extracted. Ms D was then faced with the prospect of living with a missing tooth or paying to have an implant.

How Farleys Helped

Ms D instructed Farleys to submit a claim on her behalf through her dentist’s insurers to cover the costs she had incurred in getting a diagnosis as well as the costs of the treatment and future treatment she required.

We instructed dental experts who agreed that had the condition been diagnosed at her first appointment, it would have been likely that her tooth would have been saved.

This was a particularly tricky case for Farleys’ dental negligence team as the dentist (the defendant) was not forthcoming to accept liability or enter into discussions. While our team were managing the case, the dentist began to send threatening letters to our client enclosing bills which were not owed.

Our team worked to reassure Ms D that she would not have to pay any of the fabricated costs and ensured that the threatening behaviour of the defendant was also included in the claim.

Our team successfully negotiated a settlement of £3,500 in compensation for the dental negligence our client experienced.

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*Client’s name has been anonymised to protect their right to privacy.