Client J was born in 1999 and was initially raised by her parents in the South of England. She had a stable upbringing until Year 8 when her behaviour at school began to deteriorate.

She suffered a sexual assault (which was not the subject matter of this claim), her behaviour deteriorated further and she began absconding from home.

The Local Authority took action and the Claimant was taken into their care and placed initially in foster care and thereafter in a Children’s Home run by the Defendants, G4S.

The Claimant lived in a residential care home run by G4S and whilst there one of her carers began to groom her before sexually abusing her. The abuse escalated eventually to the point where full sexual intercourse was occurring with the Claimant.

Details of the abuse by her carer were eventually revealed and she was moved to a different care home.

Despite fully cooperating with the police and the matter proceeding to a Criminal Trial her abuser was acquitted.

How Farleys Were Able to Help

When the Claimant initially instructed Jonathan Bridge at Farleys Solicitors she was still a minor and her mother agreed to act as Litigation Friend.

This was a long and complex case lasting more than six years. The team at Farleys entered into discussions with G4S and their solicitors but liability was never openly admitted.

An enormous amount of documentation had to be obtained and considered including the Claimant’s medical records (GP and hospital), educational records, police records and Social Services records.

Medical evidence was sought to establish a connection between the Claimant’s ongoing psychiatric problems and the abuse she suffered despite the various other factors in the Claimant’s life which could have contributed.

The Claimant was seen by a psychiatric expert, on behalf of Farleys, who diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder requiring EMDR treatment. The report considered the extent to which the abuse was causing the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the extent to which it was caused by other factors during the Claimant’s childhood.

Following long and complex negotiations with the Defendants an initial offer was made to settle the claim in the sum of £30,000. This was eventually increased to a level of £42,500 which was acceptable to the Claimant and incorporated a claim for pain, suffering and loss of amenity, loss of earnings, and treatment costs.

Speak to a Specialist in Confidence

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