The brain injury charity Headway has compiled a report looking into UK hospital admissions as a result of an acquired brain injury (ABI).

In the North West alone, there were a total of 46,945 admissions to hospital with acquired brain injuries in 2019-20. Across the UK, admissions have increased by 12% from 2005-06 to 2019-20. The rate of admissions is now one every 90 seconds.

What is an Acquired Brain Injury?

ABIs can include head injury, stroke, meningitis, tumour, carbon monoxide poisoning and anoxia.

The effects of a brain injury can range in severity, they may be temporary or long term. The brain injury association, Headway, groups these effects into 3 groups:

  • Physical effects such as fatigue, impaired mobility, weakness/paralysis and speech problems;

  • Cognitive effects such as memory problems, impaired reasoning and reducing problem solving ability; and

  • Emotional and behavioural effects such as personality changes, depression, anxiety and anger.

Here at Farleys, we are proud to be an accredited member of Headway’s Head Injury Solicitors Directory and work within the Headway Personal Injury Lawyers code of conduct for 5 consecutive years.

Headway is a national charity with local branches and groups which provide support for people with brain injuries, whether experienced from birth or as a result of an accident.

Farleys’ personal injury department is regularly instructed to act on behalf of claimants who have suffered a brain injury as a result of a non-fault accident. The team will act on behalf of the injured party in pursuing damages to cover their injury and most importantly, the cost of care and treatment which the individual will need in the future.

Farleys Solicitors are based across six offices in the North West with a nationwide client base. If you have experienced a head or brain injury or are the carer of someone who has and would like to discuss legal matters with a professional, please contact us on 0845 287 0939, by email, or through the online chat below.