Latest figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reveal that farming deaths across the UK are still at a high level. Agriculture accounts for one in five workplace deaths in spite of the fact that farmers form less than 2% of the working population. In the year 2010/11, 34 agricultural workers were killed in the UK and 1,061 injured. These statistics reflect only those accidents that were reported and it is likely that the true figures are in fact higher.

The National Farmers Union (NFU) has said that it recognises there is a problem and is working to try and resolve it. However, agriculture is lagging behind other potentially dangerous industries – over the last ten years, quarrying and construction have managed to reduce their number of workplace deaths and injuries.

One of the problems with farming is that the types of injuries which occur can be very serious and can often radically diminish a person’s quality of life. Working with heavy machinery or large animals are just two of the factors which go some way to explaining why people in farming tend to suffer severe injuries. In addition, the fact that farmers are often left to work alone when they are either inexperienced or over retirement age may also account for the high number of accidents. The statistics published for farming have been described as “unacceptable’ by the Chair of the HSE.

As with so many workplace accidents, in many incidences, accidents could have been prevented had the correct procedures and equipment been in place. These recent figures regarding farm accidents are extremely alarming, especially considering the severity associated with the injuries sustained.  Farleys have acted for many clients in farm accident compensation claims, and as such have seen the devastating effect that injuries, and even deaths caused by farm accidents can have.

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