We regularly read in the newspapers horrific stories involving children who are abused.  However, it is not just the younger sectors of society that are at risk at the hands of the care system – the elderly members of our society are also becoming increasingly vulnerable.

Various eminent representatives of agencies dealing with the elderly (including the British Medical Association, the TUC and Age UK) signed a letter setting out proposals in relation to the future care of the elderly in this country. The letter, which calls for ‘urgent and fundamental lasting reform’ in the care system, with the signatories proposing that no individual should be expected to pay over £35,000 for care fees in their lifetime.

It is widely recognised that the ageing population present significant funding challenges, which at present we are failing to meet.  The signatories to the proposals believe that this failure is presently resulting in terrible examples of abuse and neglect in parts of the care system.  The extent of the problem is highlighted by the estimate that 800,000 elderly people are being left without the basic level of care and are therefore at risk of abuse / neglect.

Paul Burstow, the Care Services Minister has confirmed that an extra 7.2 billion pounds has been set aside for Social Care over the course of this parliament.

As it is estimated that nearly one in five people in the UK whole population will be aged 65 or over by 2020, it is vital that the public remain vigilant in relation to this vulnerable, and often overlooked, sector of society.

As a solicitor specialising in claims against social services and the state care system, including elderly abuse claims, I have come across many shocking cases where elderly people have suffered terrible neglect and abuse. If you have any concerns about the abuse of an elderly relative at the hands of the state care system and feel that there is a potential claim to be made, please do not hesitate get in touch.