We are seeing a significant increase in age discrimination complaints and age discrimination cases in the Employment Tribunal.

We predict that the number of age discrimination complaints will soar in coming months due to the steep rise in unemployment among over-50s.

One community-based website, for over-50’s, Rest Less cited 284,685 redundancies among the over-50s in 2020 (up 79%) and one million over-50s remain on furlough, stating reference to the quarterly tribunal statistics from the Ministry of Justice issued on 11th March 2021.

From the employment disputes we are dealing with in practice; the Covid-19 pandemic would appear to have unfortunately exacerbated age discrimination in both the workplace and the recruitment process. A concern is also that once made redundant, older workers are more likely to drift into long-term unemployment than their younger counterparts, raising fears about the sustainability of the UK’s recovery.

It could be said that the rise in Employment Tribunal age discrimination cases is linked to the need for many people to keep working until they are 66 to access the safety net of the state pension.

Age discrimination is prevented by the Equality Act 2010; yet it would seem to still widely be seen as a socially acceptable form of prejudice.

From the numerous Employment Tribunal cases and disputes we are seeing; it seems that many employers, despite their mottos being that inclusion and diversity are important to them; do not have strategies to make their workplaces age-inclusive.

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