Monday saw the beginning of the Action for Brain Injury Week led by the charity Child Brain Injury Trust. The week long campaign was created to raise national awareness of the traumatic effect of brain injuries and their impact upon childhood development. This year’s UK wide campaign will see the attention turned on ‘unsung heroes’, such as the professionals who have dedicated their time to helping children and families overcome the challenges caused by traumatic brain injuries.

Established in 1991 the Child Brain Injury Trust has paved the way in raising awareness of the impact of brain injuries on children, bringing relief and support to the families affected. Much of this year’s campaign revolves around a super hero theme, celebrating the tireless dedication and hard work of those who strive to help those in need. On Friday 22nd of May, supporters up and down the country will don superhero fancy dress for ‘Superheroes and Princesses Day’. For information on how you can get involved click here.

Bettering the lives of children with brain injuries is a core foundation of the Child Brain Injury Trust and one the Personal Injury team here at Farleys share. The dedication and work of the charity has delivered great progress and continues to draw attention to this most serious health condition in children.

Traumatic brain injuries in children are problematic due to the brain not yet being fully developed – therefore leaving the affected child vulnerable to further long term damage. The neurological injuries sustained may not be immediately apparent, in some cases only exhibiting once the child is in education and required to use the capacity of their brain needed for reading and writing. With teenagers and adolescents, the case becomes more complex; with signs of traumatic injury often manifesting in behavioural changes and anxiety; which can be difficult to distinguish from a child’s emotional development.

Brain injury claims are extremely complex, requiring technical knowledge and expertise to ensure a settlement is tailored to your child’s immediate and future needs. Regardless of the circumstances, securing the right professional care and medical support is essential in ensuring your child’s continued development and emotional wellbeing. At Farleys Solicitors our specialist team are able to attain not just a financial settlement, but also provide emotional support for yourself and your family, ensuring you receive specialist care from rehabilitation and treatment to counselling. For further information or for a free assessment of your claim contact us today on 0845 050 1958. Alternatively please complete an online enquiry form.