The travel restrictions implemented by the British Government in the summer of 2020 will mean that it is more likely that Britons will be staying in the UK to holiday this year.

With the multitude of restrictions and regulations that sites such as hotels, campsites, and caravan parks will need to comply with, in an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus, the chances are that UK holiday destinations may not be ready to meet that demand. Moreover, sites may be more focused on meeting the new demands of social distancing measures and other requirements that other matters in need of address may have overlooked such as ensuring maintenance and site safety.

Holiday sites have a duty of care to ensure that you are kept safe and that all on site facilities are safe and free from defect or causing risk of harm. Systems of inspection and maintenance should be in place to ensure that you are able to enjoy your holiday, safe in the knowledge that measures are in place to not put you under any undue risk. If standards are breached and injury occurs it may entitle the injured person to compensation.

What to do if you are injured on holiday in the UK?

Firstly, it’s worth noting that you only have three years from the date of the accident in which to make your claim. If you do unfortunately suffer an injury whilst on a campsite, caravan park, or in a hotel, it would be prudent to record it to a member of staff on site and make sure the accident is documented in an accident book. If you can, take photographs of any injuries you have suffered and the defects which caused the accident.

You should speak to a legal expert at the earliest opportunity to discuss whether you have a claim for compensation. The holiday destination should have a policy of liability insurance which would indemnify them against such claims.

From a legal perspective accidents in the UK are much easier to deal with as all UK regulations apply and here at Farleys we have a wealth of experience dealing with these cases. For a no obligation conversation to discuss whether you have a case to make a claim for compensation, please contact Farleys’ personal injury team by phone on 0845 287 0939 or submit your enquiry though our online contact form.