As a lawyer acting on behalf of numerous victims of abuse gangs I await with interest the findings of Ann Coffey MP in her report due for publication tomorrow.

It does strike me that this may simply be another report for the sake of producing reports. Since Rochdale we have devoted acres of newspaper coverage to the abuse scandals. They have been debated in Parliament. There have been committees, inquires and reports.

My experience of the victims, however, is that what they want is action. They want arrests. Dave Lee Travis was arrested and tried twice for an alleged indecent assault that took place decades ago. How can you reconcile this with the inaction of the Police in relation to the abuse gangs. There are hundreds of multiple child rapists still walking our streets who the Police seem unable or unwilling to prosecute. Sir Peter Fahy reassured us that we need not worry because he was taking steps to ensure that their taxi licences would be revoked. Is it any wonder that I presently have 3 separate actions ongoing against Greater Manchester Police because of their failings to investigate and prevent child sex abuse in Rochdale and elsewhere within their jurisdiction.

I firmly believe that the time has come to stop reporting and to start acting.

We understand that talking to a lawyer about any sexual or physical abuse you have suffered will be extremely difficult, and want to assure you that we will do everything in our power to make sure that you not only feel safe and comfortable with your solicitor, but also that you receive the appropriate compensation for your suffering.

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